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Manby Airfield is located just west of Manby village, alongside the B1200, and is still very recognisable as an airfield, although no flying takes place today.

Conceived as an Expansion Period airfield in the 1930s, construction began in in 1936 with Manby opening in the spring of 1938.

The layout of the technical and living site was typical Expansion Period construction, with brick buildings and four imposing ‘C’ Type hangars and an aircraft repair shed, the latter resembling a ‘C’ Type.The flying field was grass-surfaced, although two hard runways were provided later.

The airfield had a training role during WWII and due to the proximity of the coastal bombing and gunnery ranges, the training focused on armament, armoury and bombing and gunnery instruction by No.1 Air Armament School, which itself was renamed the Empire Air Armament School in October.

The school continued to operate at Manby until July 1949 when it was merged with the RAF Flying School Training College. Training continued at the airfield until 1974 when it was closed.


Map: Manby Airfield 

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