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Harlaxton was established in WWI as a training aerodrome. Located 1.5 miles south-east of Harlaxton village, it reopened as a landing ground for Grantham in the late 1930s. This role continued during WWII with 2 SFTS (Service Flying Training School) being the principle occupant. Expansion took place during the war and records indicate it was officially opened as an airfield in its own right in 1942.

Harlaxton eventually had three grass strips of 1,300 yards, 18 blister hangars and technical and dispersed living sites. The SFTS became 12 (P) AFU (Advanced FlyingUnit – Pilots) and continued to use the airfield until February 1945. It was used as a landing ground by other training units eventually closing in 1946.

There is little to indicate there was an airfield on the site today. A few buildings survive on the technical and dispersed communal sites but the grass runways were returned to agriculture.

Map: Harlaxton Aerodrome

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