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Greenland Top

Greenland Top was a night landing ground used by 33 (HD) Squadron from December 1916. Unlike the majority of landing grounds around the country, Greenland Top had a fairly eventful life. In early 1918, in an attempt to stem the increasing attacks on coastal convoys by German U-boats, it was decided to augment the naval seaplane and flying-boat patrols with land-based airfield.

Greenland Top was there fore upgraded to a naval aerodrome and became the home of one of thirty two Special Duty flights using converted De Havilland DH.6 aircraft. The aerodrome continued in this role undergoing a number of administrative changes, until June 1918. With the cessation of anti-submarine flights the aerodrome, by now covering 112 acres (45 ha), was closed; all the temporary buildings removed and the site returned to farmland.


Map: Greenland Top 

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