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When 33 (HD) Squadron came to Lincolnshire to combat Zeppelin threats, its three flights were dispersed at Brattleby, Kirton in Lindsey (Manton) and Elsham.

A headquarters was established in Gainsborough at a house in Summershill Road called ‘The Lawns’ (The present day house at the location called ‘The Lawns’ is not the same HQ building), which was demolished shortly after WWI.

A landing ground was also established at Gainsborough and this was located south of the present A631 to the west of the River Trent, in a field known as ‘Laynes Field’. (This location was actually just inside Nottinghamshire).

Following the departure of 33 Squadron in June 1918, the landing ground which covered an area of 30 acres (12 ha) was closed and returned to agriculture.

Map: Gainsborough

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