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Abandoned buildings at Caistor which served as a WWII relief landing ground and later Thor missile site. Pic: Flickr member; Romeo66

Caistor was a small grass airfield located two miles west of Caistor village on the North Kelsey Moor Road.

The airfield opened in 1941 as a satellite of nearby Kirton in Lindsey and amongst other, was used by the Hurricanes of 85 Squadron and Defiants of 264 Squadron.

Caistor was never a busy airfield and saw limited use. Aircraft of 15 (Pilot) Advanced Flying Unit ((P)AFU) from Kirmington were visitors in 1942 and Cranwell used the airfield in a limited capacity between 1943-44, after which time the station played no significant role in the war.

The site was briefly resurrected between 1959-63 as a ballistic missile base, after which it was abandoned.

Today various buildings of the WWII technical site can be seen adjacent to North Kelsey Moor Road but due to the site being a poultry farm, access is restricted.

Map: Caistor

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