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North Killingholme

RAF North Killingholme. (Pic: Flickr member; romeo66)

Located west of the village of North Killingholme, RAF North Killingholme was opened in November 1943 as a Class ‘A’ bomber airfield under 1 Group. North Killingholme had three concrete intersecting runways of the usual measurements and a connecting perimeter track with 36 dispersals.

Three hangars were provided, a T2 on the technical site to the north east and a further T2 located off the southern perimeter track with the B1 off the northern perimeter track. The bomb stores were to the west of the airfield whilst communal and accommodation sites were to the north of the village.

On 3 January 1944, 550 Squadron made the short journey from Waltham with their Lancasters, being the only operational unit based at the airfield.

The squadron disbanded at North Killingholme on 1 November 1945 having flown 3,582 missions with the loss of 59 Lancasters. The airfield was closed to flying, although it was used for storage, the land finally being released in 1950.

Today the Killingholme Industrial Estate covers much of the airfield. Most of the runways and perimeter track still exist although obscured by modern industrial units. All three hangars still stand but much of the technical site has been demolished in recent years.

By the side of the road leading into the industrial estate appropriately named Lancaster Approach, is a memorial to 550 Squadron. Alongside this is a Northern Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage information board.


Map: North Killingholme 

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