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Market Deeping

Market Deeping was established as a Class 2 Landing Ground wand was used by 90 (HD) Squadron between August 1918 and June 1919. The 90 acre (36 ha) site was located on the east side of the B1525 between Deeping Common and Frognall and provided two landing strips of 650 and 850 yards (594 and 777m). Today the site known locally as ‘The 90 Acres’ has reverted back to farmland.

During WWII some RAF/WAAF personnel were billeted in Market Deeping. A decoy landing site also existed to the south between Deeping and Maxey.

The nearby Ground Control Intercept Radar Station at Langtoft was sometimes referred to as RAF Market Deeping and continued as an active listening station after WWII before being sold off in the early 60s.


Map: Market Deeping

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