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Buckminster was a small grass-surface airfield used in WWI by Home Defence Squadrons on the Lincolnshire – Leicestershire border. Opened in September 1916, Buckminster housed ‘C’ Flight 38 Squadron whose headquarters were in Melton Mobray. The unit was equipped with FE2b biplanes acting in an anti-Zeppelin role, but by the time they moved to Buckminster they had not managed a single interception. May 1918 saw the squadron move out, to be replaced by 90 Squadron which had reformed with Sopwith Camels and Avro 504s, which were used as night fighters. Headquarters were at Buckminster and ‘A’ Flight at Leadenham.

With the end of WWI the unit was disbanded in 1919 and the site returned to agriculture. Buckminster was never reactivated during WWII and today there is no trace of Buckminster airfield.

Map: Buckminster

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